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Your skills ISA

Joining any company is a daunting affair; application forms, waiting, phone interview,
waiting, face to face interview, more waiting (and waiting is stressful). So let’s say you make it past this triathlon of personality assassination, skill set bashing and general worry over whom to put as your referee. You join your dream business, they love you and you love them. Tranquility, Zen and peace; probably not for most. Often the issue of career growth and development is at the forefront of most new employees minds. It’s a tough question to ask at interview, most online guides will recommend you steer clear of questions eluding to your ambition to develop and move on from this, yet to be secured,
position at company X. This is because of the questions it in turn raises with the interviewer such as “are they committed?” or “is this a stepping stone?” most of the time, deep down we all know the answer is most likely yes. But this is subtext and very unlikely to be well received if verbalized.

So how important is training and development in any job role?

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